Espolòn Pushes Boundaries, Yet Again, with 6-Year Aged Tequila in Handmade Package

Work with The Creators Project Spotlights Modern-day Artists Inspired by Legendary Mexican Artist Jose Guadalupe Posada


SAN FRANCISCO (June 14, 2016) – Espolòn® Tequila, one of the fastest-growing super-premium tequilas, announces the release of Espolòn Añejo X, a limited release extra añejo aged six years under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza. Evoking the storied culture of real Mexico, Espolòn Añejo X comes to market in a dark, dramatic package worthy of this remarkable tequila.

Espolòn Añejo X’s distinctive handmade jet black matte glass bottle pays tribute to the Barro Negro, a centuries-old traditional Mexican art form that was resurrected and made popular in the 1950s. Inspired by the work of Jose Guadalupe Posada, the bottle’s label features the story of “The Day of the Dead”—the celebration of the traditional Mexican belief that death is also the beginning of new life. In this scene, Ramón the Rooster faithfully stands in vigil, honoring the memory of the past, while the calavera serenade in anticipation of the triumphant renewal of the spirit.

“It’s unusual to find tequilas aged longer than two or three years, but Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza knew he had something worth resurrecting with this 6-year-old liquid,” said Christine Moll, Category Marketing Director – Tequila and Rum, Campari America. “Espolòn has wowed consumers and bartenders alike with its high quality spirit, one-of-a-kind packaging and approachable price. With this latest entry, Espolòn Añejo X, the team has done it again, producing an alluring tequila in a collectible-worthy bottle.”

To launch the new limited-edition tequila, Espolòn and The Creators Project, VICE’s arts and culture channel, have teamed up to spotlight today’s artists who are challenging the establishment through their art and self expression, in the tradition of Jose Guadalupe Posada. The channel asked artists to reflect on five themes affecting people today: environment, death, privacy, technology and equality in a series of profiles sponsored by Espolòn. Selected artists and artwork will be featured this summer in a special companion tabloid-sized newspaper, also sponsored by the brand, inspired by those that Posada himself published. The newspaper will be included in an issue of VICE Magazine this summer.

Espolòn Tequilas, made from 100% Weber Blue Agave, are known for their bold, round palate; medium to full bodied velvety mouth feel with rich roasted agave, sweet tropical fruit, vanilla and brown spices; and long spicy finish. Espolòn Añejo X retains its classic agave character with added layers of depth and complexity that comes with careful aging. It has a rich flavor profile of prominent vanilla with notes of nutmeg and white peppercorn, which are joined by hints of cocoa nibs, bitter chocolate, rich roasted fruits, and agave.

Espolòn Añejo X is available in limited quantities at, as well as certain specialty retailers around the country. While many extra añejos retail for $200 and higher, Espolòn Tequila believes in making great tequila available to enthusiasts.  Espolòn Añejo X retails for $99.99 (750 ml,  41% alc/vol ). It is best served neat or with a single large cube of ice. It can also be enjoyed in classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, giving this timeless cocktail an unexpected, but delicious  twist. For more information, visit, Facebook or Twitter and Instagram: @EspolonTequila.


Editor’s Note: Photos and cocktail recipes available upon request.


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