Voting Begins as Campari Unveils Calendar Featuring “BitterSweet” Theme
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MILAN  (November 18, 2015) – Today, Campari®, Italy’s iconic bittersweet red aperitif, unveils the full range of imagery for its iconic 2016 Calendar starring award-winning Hollywood actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson. In this year’s 17th edition of the Calendar collection titled The BitterSweet Campaign, the blonde beauty takes the stage as two opposing political candidates – Bitter and Sweet – in a play on Campari’s unique and versatile bittersweet flavor profile. This year’s Calendar capitalizes on the buzz and excitement of the upcoming elections and encourages imbibers to take a stand, express an opinion, and cast their vote via social media for their favorite flavor profile – #goBitter or #goSweet.

On starring in the 2016 Campari Calendar, Kate Hudson comments, For me, this project meant much more than producing a calendar; it was a creative process telling a great story. It was a fabulous campaign that challenged me to bring out two different sides of myself to ensure that the pictures told the story in a creative and beautiful way – and that is exactly what we’ve achieved. Personally I lean towards the sweeter side of things, however my taste buds definitely love bitter! Though a play on flavor profile, this year’s theme asks people to take a stand for what they believe in, which to me is a very powerful message. The 2016 Calendar is a testament to how Campari stays true to itself as a brand and proves there will always be a place for the classic nature of Campari within today’s contemporary world.”

 The images were captured by acclaimed international fashion photographer Michelangelo di Battista, who brought the campaign theme to life through dramatic sets and a series of stunning outfits created by high end designers among the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Halston, Brian Atwood, and Christian Louboutin. Michelangelo’s dedication and passion towards his craft has led him to adopt a unique and distinctive style of photography that captures a mysteriously alluring radiance from his subjects – a style evident in this year’s Campari Calendar.

On his involvement in the 2016 Campari Calendar, Michelangelo Di Battista adds, “What I loved most about working on the Campari Calendar was the flexibility this year’s theme let me have. As a photographer, this project has given me the opportunity to use my unique sense of aesthetic and well-defined style to reflect the Campari brand seamlessly. It was crucial that each image could stand alone yet also work as part of a collection. Kate and I share a strong desire to deliver perfection. It was the perfect partnership and I think we achieved what we set out to do.”

 Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Gruppo Campari Chief Executive Officer comments, “I am excited to launch this year’s Campari Calendar, The BitterSweet Campaign, in New York, allowing us to once again celebrate Campari’s one-of-a-kind persona. The brand is a true icon continuously renewing itself. It has grown from a local Italian bitter spirit to a world-renowned contemporary global brand and I think this year’s Calendar theme inspired by the iconography and mechanism of an election really captures this essence. It is about showing that there are always two sides to every story, person or product, as is the case for Campari. Kate Hudson perfectly personified the two flavors and added the right amount of theatre and seductiveness to allow Michelangelo’s creative genius to shine and give the Calendar the right balance of modern and classic.”

 For the first time in the Calendar’s history, consumers are at the center of the campaign. Campari imbibers have been called upon to share their opinion and take a stand by following the campaign through the brand’s social channels and via the hashtags #goBitter and #goSweet. Campari has also created a website where consumers can engage with content to get live updates on each party’s progress, take the BitterSweet test to see which party they truly belong to, and, most importantly, vote and take a stand!

The coveted calendar, of which only 9,999 copies are printed, will not go on sale but will be shared among friends of Campari around the world.

Leo Burnett Milan created the Calendar theme, The BitterSweet Campaign.  Working side by side with photographer Michelangelo Di Battista on the project were Executive Creative Directors Alessandro Antonini and Francesco Bozza, Creative Director Anna Meneguzzo, Associate Creative Director Andrea Marzagalli, Senior Art Director Alessia Casini and Designers Melissa Longa and Josè Mario Vuolo.




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The Campari Calendar is one of the world’s most recognisable artistic calendars. Distributed as an international limited edition of only 9,999 copies it is a collectible luxury for the happy few that receive it, and is a tribute to the world-class talent and photographers that make it come to life every year.


Campari is a contemporary and charismatic classic. The secret recipe, which has remained unchanged, originated in Novara in 1860 and is the base for some of the most famous cocktails around the world. Campari is an alcoholic spirit obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water. With its vibrant red colour, intense aroma and inspiring flavour, Campari has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure, which unfurls itself into a captivating drinking experience. These are the values that have made the Campari brand famous throughout the world as an icon of passionate Italian style and excellence.


Campari America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A. (Reuters CPRI.MI – Bloomberg CPR IM). At the heart of Campari America are two legends in the American spirits industry. The first, Skyy Spirits, was founded in San Francisco back in 1992 by the entrepreneur who invented iconic SKYY Vodka. The second is the world-famous Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where they have been making the world’s finest whiskies since the 1800’s. Both companies were purchased by Davide Campari-Milano and together they form Campari America, which has built a portfolio unrivaled in its quality, innovation and style, making it a top choice among distributors, retailers and consumers. Campari America manages Gruppo Campari’s portfolio in the US with such leading brands as SKYY® Vodka, SKYY Infusions®, Campari®, Aperol®, Wild Turkey® Straight Kentucky Bourbon, American Honey®, Russell’s Reserve®, Glen Grant® Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Forty Creek® Canadian Whisky, Cabo Wabo® Tequila, Espolón® Tequila, Appleton® Estate Rum, Wray & Nephew® Rum, Coruba® Rum, Ouzo 12®, X-Rated® Fusion Liqueur®, Frangelico®, Cynar®, Averna®, Braulio®, Carolans Irish Cream®, Irish Mist® Liqueur, Sagatiba® Cachaça and Jean-Marc XO Vodka®. Campari America is also the exclusive US distributor of BULLDOG® Gin.



Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A., together with its affiliates (‘Gruppo Campari’), is a major player in the global beverage sector, trading in over 1
90 nations around the world with leading positions in Europe and the Americas. The Group was founded in 1860 and today is the sixth-largest player worldwide in the premium spirits industry. The Group’s portfolio, with over 50 brands, spans spirits, the core business, wines and soft drinks. Internationally-renowned brands include Aperol, Appleton Estate, Campari, Cinzano, SKYY Vodka and Wild Turkey. Headquartered in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy, Campari owns 16 plants and 2 wineries worldwide and has its own distribution network in 19 countries. The Group employs around 4,000 people. The shares of the parent company, Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A. (Reuters CPRI.MI – Bloomberg CPR IM), are listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001. For more information: http://www.camparigroup.com/. Please enjoy our brands responsibly.

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